Silaiwali: A Stitch against Waste. A Stitch For Freedom

Silaiwali, a social enterprise based in New Delhi, is making a profound impact by upcycling waste fabric from apparel scraps and employing Afghan women refugees in India. With a strong commitment to fair wages, a clean working environment, and a zero-tolerance policy against child labour, Silaiwali provides sustainable incomes to over 60 women while fostering empowerment and preserving cultural heritage.

Silaiwali's artisans transform discarded fabric into exquisitely handcrafted decorations, simultaneously reducing waste and showcasing their craftsmanship. These resilient women are compensated fairly and benefit from a safe and clean workplace, ensuring their well-being and dignity.

The strategic location of Silaiwali's workshop within walking distance of the refugee homes promotes convenience, community, and a sense of belonging. By keeping children out of labour and supporting their education, Silaiwali embodies its values of compassion and opportunity.

Every purchase from Silaiwali directly contributes to the livelihoods of these Afghan women refugees, allowing them to support themselves and their families. Silaiwali is a shining example of how a social enterprise can drive sustainable change by combining creativity, sustainability, and ethical practices to uplift marginalised communities.

Handcrafted Rag Dolls: Objet de Désire

Welcome to the enchanting world of handcrafted dolls, where artistry meets sustainability in the most heartwarming way. These exquisite dolls are meticulously crafted by talented Afghan women refugees in New Delhi, using upcycled waste fabric from the fashion industry.

Each doll is a true embodiment of solidarity, representing multiculturalism and compassion. With their high-fidelity design, they captivate hearts and inspire admiration. Beyond their artistic allure, these dolls are a model for sustainable development, as the sale of each doll directly contributes to paying fair wages to the skilled artisans behind their creations.

Embrace the beauty of these dolls, knowing that each purchase supports a meaningful cause, empowering the artisans and fostering a brighter future for them and their communities. Step into a world of creativity, purpose, and positive impact with these remarkable handcrafted dolls.

Mini Marvels: Mini version of Mom

Introducing a captivating collection of Mini dolls, each lovingly crafted with sustainability in mind. These adorable dolls are baby versions of their inspiring Moms, brought to life by talented Afghan women refugees in Delhi, who skillfully upcycle waste fabric.

These Mini dolls represent youthful energy, playful hairdos, vibrant florals, and graceful attire. Mirroring their Moms' timeless beauty and cultural brilliance, they symbolise resilience and hope.

Each doll's creation supports sustainable livelihoods for its artisan makers, ensuring fair wages and empowerment. Embrace this enchanting world of Mini dolls, where creativity and compassion come together, positively impacting the lives of their creators.

My Mom: Mom & Mini combo

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mom&Mini Dolls, each a unique embodiment of artistry and sustainability. These exquisite dolls are handcrafted with love by Afghan women refugees in Delhi, using upcycled waste fabric.

Every Mom&Mini pair celebrates cultural heritage and resilience, where the intricate details and vibrant attire reflect the rich traditions of their origins. From the Mini versions' playful antics to the Mom versions' regal presence, each doll tells a compelling story of empowerment and hope.

Purchasing these sustainable dolls ensures fair wages for their creators, fostering a community of artisans who overcome challenges with determination and creativity. With each doll, you embrace diversity and support a brighter, compassionate future for the world. Let these exquisite Mom&Mini Dolls inspire your journey of unity and joy.

Wild Verse: Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom, where wonders lie,

Handcrafted creatures born from threads and skill,

A tapestry of life, where dreams untie,

Afghan artisans bring fabric to fulfil.


Neelu, the Monkey, swings with gleeful might,

Djour, the Lion, roars with regal grace,

Kom, the Tiger, prowls through the starry night,

Mumba, the Elephant, leaves trails of grace.


Jan, the Horse, runs with swift and noble stride,

Uji, the Rabbit, hops in gentle glee,

Ura, the Rhino, stands with ancient pride,

Voda, the Bear, roams through forests free.


In this realm of cloth,

Dio, the Penguin waddles,

Caramel, the Cat, purrs with tender love,

Zizou, the Donkey, brays and bellows,

Nandi, the Bull, stands strong, mighty and tough.


Isla, the Mouse, scurries with nimble might,

Femi, the Camel, bears burdens with grace,

Patuk, the Penguin, waddles in delight,

Kofi, the Crocodile, hides without a trace.


Bodhi, the Koala, cuddles up in trees,

Max, the Dog, loyal and true in heart,

Each creature woven with care and expertise,

A masterpiece of art, a precious part.


In this magical realm, their creators thrive,

Afghan women, weaving dreams alive.

Through sustainable income, hope arrives,

Their craft, a testament, forever shall survive.