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We are a social enterprise in New Delhi that up-cycles waste fabric generated from apparel scraps to create handcrafted decorations by Afghan woman refugees in India. Our products are eco-friendly and support sustainable incomes that help in building communities of marginalised artisans in observance of Fair Trade principles.

Silaiwali is a Guaranteed WFTO Fair Trade Member

Iris Strill, co-founder Silaiwali, overseeing fine craftsmanship of the artisans


A Stitch Against Waste. A Stitch for Freedom.

Silaiwali works with a two-pronged mission: Environment and Solidarity.

Environment:  Silaiwali is located in New Delhi NCR ­— the National Capital Region is the biggest hub for garment manufacturing in India. Textile waste generated by the fast-fashion industry is the second largest pollutant after vehicular emission in the cities. Abiding by the principles of fair trade, Silaiwali augments circular production by up-cycling textile scraps and dead stock from the garment-manufacturing industry to create hi-fidelity home décor products sold all across the globe.


Solidarity: New Delhi is a transit home for Afghan refugees fleeing from the excesses and instability in their home country with the intention to settle down in developed countries that accept foreign immigrations. Silaiwali works with Afghan women refugees based in New Delhi under the guidance of UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) mandated livelihood programme for refugees. Silaiwali currently generates sustainable incomes for between 60-70 women refugees, adhering to the principles of fair wages, a clean working environment within walking distance from the homes of the refugees, and observes a zero-tolerance policy toward engaging children for labour.